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Dyson, Ward, Thrasher Dyson, Ward, Thrasher

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Tracks by John Dyson, Paul Ward and Antony Thrasher for a spaecial realease to coincide with a concert performance by 'John Dyson and Friends'in Breda, Netherlands,1992
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John Dyson John Dyson

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John is very well-known in EM circles, having been part of the influential duo 'Wavestar' and, after some 25 years of creating and playing, and numerous musical adventures, has now taken 'the plunge' into the modern world (cheeky! JD) of downloads.
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Wavestar Wavestar

5 albums available

Wavestar were John Dyson and David Ward-Hunt who met up in 1983 and hit it off as they say with their complimentray musical styles David being the more 'tradtionally' EM orientated whereas John came from a more 'melodic' background. They released their first cassette 'Mind Journey' in 1984 and after their debut performance at UK Electronica in Sheffield in 1985 they rose to become one of the most popular EM artistes of the period, culminating in a USA release of the 'now classic' album 'Moonwind' in 1987 which to this day (2009) still sells!
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After some 25 years and numerous albums, John has now thought it time to have his 'own' independent label for his, and Wavestar's music, hence the formation of the Soddett Hall Music label. having known David Law for some considerable time he thinks that MusicZeit will serve him well in this his first 'foray' into the world of 'downloads'. The album on offer (at the moment) is a re-mastered version of the album 'Beyond the Gates', which, being out of print now, seemed a prime candidate for this first venture.

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