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Capsula Capsula

1 album available

Capsula is Yosi Shamay , born in 1978 and living in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Yosi began his music production with the age of 16 (1995) using Scream Tracker 3 followed by Impulse Tracker . Back than he produced mainly goa-trance, influenced by the Goa-Vibes series (Trust In Trance). After upgrading his software and equipment he played around with different styles like breakbeat, drum & bass,house and more. (He never released anything from it ... although he made a lot of tracks).

After a lot of mind opening travels in the world and the trance culture (for about a year and a half:...
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chronos & cj catalizer chronos & cj catalizer

1 album available

In 2007 and 2008 Nick Klimenko and Dimitriy Neschadim formed a duo and composed an album with ambient, ethnic influences and chillout trance vibrations. 'Quid est Veritas?' is the musical outcome of an intensive cooperation, 11 tracks build upon etnic rythyms and influences of ancient cultures.
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Electrypnose Electrypnose

1 album available

Arrived from we don't know where nor how, without really knowing why, "Electrypnose" is exploring and trying to share a wide ranging sound universe.

Electrypnose is working on different goa trance styles (hard night, trippy, full on, morning, melodic ...) as well as on others kind of music like ambient, trip hop, melodic electronic music, sofa surfing, experimental inspired by Aphex Twin, Venetian Snare ... and many more.

Electrypnose debut ambient album for Ajana Records is released in the summer of 2006.
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Objekt4 Objekt4

1 album available

The timeline of Objekt4 started in the begining of 2003.
This one-man project ecxplores the fields of ambient music,
working with material ranging from minimal sinewave based structures,
to experimental orchestral arangements,
to dark moody jazzy downbeat trips, to
psychedelic experimental beats and rhytmic patterens.
Hovering around the fine line between music and ambience,
the fine line betwen reality and fiction, with the aim of
taking ambient music to another level.
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Psyfactor Psyfactor

1 album available

Psyfactor is Dmitri Koranblin, born in Russia and living in Moscow.

He started producing music in 1995 allready. From 2000 on he started dj-ing psychedelic sounds at parties & festivals in & around Moscow. His first music production was inpsychedelic trance, later on he also started producing chill out and ambient music.

In August 2005 his first chill-out track was released on the Ajana Records compilation ‘A Magical Journey’. This inspired him to go deeper into ambient music and started producing a full length album.
This resulted in an Album with 9 unreleased tracks with the theme ‘Endless Universe’

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Various - Materia Musica (2cd) Various - Materia Musica (2cd)

1 album available

Materia Musica is a compilation double cd consisting of tracks produced by various artists. All tracks are carefully selected by Mouka, label owner and A&R.
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