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Pure by Asana Pure
7 tracks

Running time: 0:42:06
Released: 10/2012

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new music from Asana

7 tracks
inspired beats with infectious synth melodies.
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Dark State by Asana Dark State
8 tracks

Running time: 0:53:42
Released: 09/2011

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This new release sees a different musical approach in that the drum machine plug-ins were allowed to play randomly as possible -probably most noticeable on 'Reincarnate' and 'Outshine'.

Ever-present though are haunting Asana melodies, pads and effects..
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Lifestream by Asana Lifestream
11 tracks

Running time: 1:06:54
Released: 08/2011

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Lifestream - the third studio project from Dave Barker & Tim Darbyshire, posesses all the hallmarks of previous Cerulean releases:
'This Level, Earth' (1999) and 'Ectoplasm' (2001).

Lifestream takes the Cerulean sound to a whole new level.
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David Barker creates electronic music under the name Asana. Dave also collaborates with Tim Darbyshire to produce Cerulean music.
Dave has a history of works including 'Shrine' and 'Trikuti', originally released on Neu Harmony.
New stuff here includes 'Dark State' - 2011 Asana tracks and 'Lifestream' - 2010 Cerulean studio tracks.
Asana - Pure - new studio tracks,added October 2012.

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