Doom Bar by AirSculpture


Doom Bar

2 tracks

Running time: 1:03:04
Released: 03/2009

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  01   Doom Bar - 48:08
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  02   Voter Run - 14:56
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Doom Bar presents a slowly evolving abtract soundscape, mixing pure electronic sounds with prepared piano and other found sounds.

Although best known for their sequencer improvisations, AirSculpture have always delved into more abstract deep space music. Tracks in this style have appeared as far back as Void on Attrition System (1996) but this is the first full length album to showcase it entirely.

The two long tracks were recorded at a band retreat in Cornwall in the spring of 2008. The 45 minute title track was planned as a deliberate ambient piece - after a day spent creating suitable sounds it was recorded in a single take as soon as the sun went down. In contrast to this, Voter Run is a 15 minute extract from a longer set that devloped in a totally different direction. In isloation it perfectly reflects the feel of the longer track.