Universe by Magnetica



7 tracks

Running time: 0:38:00
Released: 12/2008

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  01   Supernova - 1:27
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  02   Nomad - 6:34
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  03   Lunar Dust - 4:35
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  04   Spacial - 5:21
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  05   Symphonic Stars - 5:49
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  06   Celestial Spheres - 6:13
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  07   Magnetic - 8:01
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More Info

Node3 Records is proud to present its fifth EP, by Magnetica from Venezuela.

Magnetica is the fusion of two producers from the Venezuelan electronic music scene, Daniela Peña aka Veda and Daniel González aka Biosampler, also known as DarkOhm. Together, they have more than 10 years of experience on the local and international scene.

Universe EP ought to transport you into their musical journey mixing different musical tendencies from their past musical background as well as from the various new tendencies worldwide (ambient, electro, IDM, new wave, trip hop) in order to provide you with a very eclectic and unique sound.

Enjoy the Magnetica power!