Flux Echoes by Brendan Pollard

Brendan Pollard

Flux Echoes

4 tracks

Running time: 1:13:24
Released: 09/2007

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  01   Flux Echoes - 21:48
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  02   Radiant Transmission - 30:00
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  03   Phosphor Skyline - 17:48
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  04   Torque - 3:48
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More Info

If there was a better EM album in 2007, it doesn't immediately spring to mind. This album effectively delivers the long lost sides 5 & 6 (& 7;-) to Tangerine Dream's 'Encore'. The mellotron soars, the sequences flow and captivate, the sound is completely authentic.

The fact that the mellotron racks employed are some of those used by TD themselves helps of course. But it takes a lot more than that to create such an album. You can tell this album took a lot of work to complete. No stone is left unturned, every sound is manipulated to perfection. And the results are so very worth it. (GG)