British Aisles by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt

British Aisles

3 tracks

Running time: 2:16:41
Released: 05/2008

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  01   Electronic Supplication - 61:51
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  02   British Aisles - 63:27
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  03   Altared States - 11:23
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Double album
Disc 1: Track 1
Disc 2: Tracks 2-3

On this live album, recorded in the UK in May 2008, Free System Projekt catapult the audience back over 30 years to the heady days of Tangerine Dream's cathedral performances of the mid 70's. Their massive modular systems pulsated, lights flashed, 'tron style voices soared, and atmospherics cajoled. The audience was totally captivated, and you can now hear why. It was an awe-inspiring performance, captured here in its totality and presented in digital lossless quality remastered directly from the soundboard recording (the background "atmos" during the early sections of the first set was deliberate, giving it even more of a "retro" feel).

If you are fan of sequencer-driven Berlin School outings of epic proportions, or indeed Electronic Music of the very highest order, look no further. FSP are building a body of work that stands up to any of the greats. This performance is up with their very best. (GG)