These Last Days by Richard Lainhart

Richard Lainhart

These Last Days

5 tracks

Running time: 0:55:26
Released: 06/1987

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  01   These Last Days - 12:23
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  02   Hall Of Mirrors - 5:33
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  03   The Hidden Rose - 9:24
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  04   Enveloped In Shadows - 17:55
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  05   A Question Remains - 10:11
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More Info

"These Last Days" is a re-issue of my very first CD, now available again after twenty years. "These Last Days" was initially released in 1987 on Periodic Music, one of the first CD-only labels, but went out of print soon after. I'm pleased to be able to offer it here after so long.

The five tracks are all recorded in realtime with edits or overdubs, and feature electric and electronic keyboards with synced digital delays. "These Last Days", "Hall Of Mirrors", "Enveloped In Shadows", and "A Question Remains" are for the Korg DW-8000 and EX-8000 synths; "These Last Days" adds a Roland TR-707 drum machine. "The Hidden Rose" is for electric vibraphone with delays.


"The title track (These Last Days) is entrancing.... The music is ethereal, and his juxtaposition of drum sounds and bell-like tones is hypnotic. At the stunning conclusion of the piece, the sounds metamorphose from metallic ringing to soft sustained tones, echoing as they slowly fade out...." (The Wharton Journal)

"The title track is Reichian phase-music for percussive synthesizers and drumbox.... Each piece has its own quiet charm." (Electronic Musician)

"Alternately using synthesizer and vibes, Lainhart sustains and amplifies a profoundly tranquil ambience form start to finish." (Keyboard Magazine)

"Lainhart has produced a crystal recording of very beautiful and contemplative songs.... The mood set by the pieces is uniform: sad, speculative continuous." (Option Magazine)