The Beautiful Blue Sky by Richard Lainhart

Richard Lainhart

The Beautiful Blue Sky

6 tracks

Running time: 1:10:06
Released: 02/2008

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  01   Four Voices - 12:08
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  02   Timeless - 9:27
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  03   Lines In Sand - 5:01
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  04   The Orchestra of the Damned - 16:50
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  05   Endless - 7:02
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  06   The Beautiful Blue Sky - 19:38
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More Info

"The Beautiful Blue Sky" is a collection of new and recent electronic landscapes for the Buchla 200e analog modular synthesizer and the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard controller. These extraordinary instruments form the centerpiece of the unique quadraphonic electronic music performance system I designed and played to create this music. The performances were culled from daily recording sessions conducted during the second half of 2007, starting from when I first began to explore this wonderful new instrument. All the pieces were performed and recorded in real time without edits or overdubs, then mixed down to stereo for this release.

Review: "The Beautiful Blue Sky gathers six of Lainhart's most recent recordings, performed in real time with a highly sophisticated performance controller from Haken and a contemporary analog synthesizer from Buchla. The title track is a superb example, a rolling texture of warm harmonies, constantly moving but never arriving. Orchestra of the Damned is cinematic with all of its texture changes, from sparse, quiet sounds to constant, siren drones, including a remarkable section reminiscent of the earliest electronic works from Cologne and Paris of the 1950s. But Lainhart uses the live performances to create extended melodies as well. Four Voices, for example, starts with a wide frequency spectrum like a jet airplane taking off in slow motion, but then launches a melody over a slowly evolving harmony, sounding almost like one of Robert Fripp's soundscapes. Even more surprising (until one is reminded that Lainhart occasionally plays vibes in swing bands) is Lines of Sand, whose rhythmic underpinning supports a growling, slinking and very expressive bass lead." - Caleb Deupree,, November 2008