Hunted by The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident


3 tracks

Running time: 1:18:38
Released: 12/2013

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  01   Hunted down on a misty morning - 27:42
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  02   A Stranger in a Strange World - 24:07
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  03   Dark Hiding - 26:49
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Second cd from The Roswell Incident. Top-notch Berliner Schule, or shall we say Ghent Schule since these guys are coming from Ghent and they create fat electronic carpets with awesome sequencers !

"Hunted", presented at the Belgium B-Wave Festival in December 2013, is the second chapter of the trilogy which started with "The Crash" in 2010.
While its cover is kept in the same style, its sonic narrative extends beautifully on the mysterious/darker-flavoured spheres, vibrant Berliner School sequencing and various vintage soloiing that marked the first one.
Once again, Koen and Jan Buytaert take the listener on a highly cinematic journey, sketching lengthy scenes of alien lifeforms hunted down after the initial crash in three long tracks. The first piece "Hunted down on a misty morning" is the oldest one made around 2008, which is complemented by two tracks made in more recent times.
The second and third track though are more consistent and also stronger composition and soundwise, raising the quality bar quite a bit in my opinion. One can actually sense the delicate scent of menace and something foreboding running underneath on both "A Stranger in a Strange World" and "Dark Hiding".
All in all, this 78-minute album is for all fans with a knack for slow evolving tracks that start out with long intros of moody/gloomy soundscaping and fx’s, which later get company of driving retro sequencers and solo voices occasionally. During the whole cinematic ride, a nice vintage melange is present. I just wished the soundlevel of the whole release was quite a bit higher.
© Bert Strolenberg

It was with huge excitement that I noticed The Roswell Incident had uploaded another album. Their First album ‘The Crash’ was hugely popular and their second ‘Hunted’ (the middle album of a trilogy) is even better. We stay firmly in seventies Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze inspired territory. ‘Hunted’ has three long tracks, each lasting between the mid and late twenty minute duration. Sometimes the sequences are bright and bouncy whereas at other moments they brood and growl, as do the stunning atmospherics. It is highly visual music and has its subtle moments as well as enthralling powerhouse sections. If you are into Berlin School from the classic period this is simply an essential purchase.
David Law