Attalus by Perge



6 tracks

Running time: 1:18:27
Released: 05/2013

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  01   Manerium Resonat - 17:16
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  02   Monolux - 18:43
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  03   Tempestas Fronte - 11:08
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  04   Taking Le Parc - 13:01
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  05   Letters from Volos - 3:29
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  06   Delphinus - 14:50
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More Info

The Perge "wall of sound" returns in the shape of their new album 'Attalus'. Like their first album 'Dyad', it is heavily influenced by the "classic" Tangerine Dream period. New compositions painstakingly created to have the signature sound of the Franke / Froese / Schmoelling years, but this time with some of the Baumann and Haslinger eras in there too.