Trick or Treat? by AirSculpture


Trick or Treat?

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Running time: 0:59:30
Released: 12/2009

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  01   Trick or Treat? - 59:30
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This is a recording of our set at HJ8. We've edited out a couple of very short sections that you're better off not hearing (again) - especially where the sequencers weren't playing nice - but otherwise it's a warts & all recording. The only sources available were stereo (desk and room feeds) but the sound quality is rather good and apart from a few seconds deals with our tendency to be a little bit loud.

Despite the spooky theme (we couldn't ignore it being a halloween gig) the music isn't dark at all. The set is mostly based around groovy dynamic sequencer runs, never overstaying their welcome, and culminating in the (possibly predicable) Wall Of Modulars bit.