Out Of Time by Wavestar


Out Of Time

12 tracks

Running time: 1:07:33
Released: 08/2007

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  01   Messiah - 2:18
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  02   Early Voyages - 6:52
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  03   Early Rain - 6:30

  04   Doom - 2:12

  05   Sea - 2:45
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  06   Acrotramp (backing) - 6:54

  07   Cleopatra's Barge - 6:42
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  08   Crystal Ashes - 10:56
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  09   Theme - 5:12

  10   Turkish Bizarre - 6:15
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  11   Acrotramp '86 - 8:41

  12   Messiah (remix) - 2:16

More Info

Out Of Time was first released in 1997 and is a selection of (at the time) previously un-released material from one of the most influential bands of the period, Wavestar. The tracks on this album were to from the basis of the follow-up album to their very well-received 'Moonwind' both here and in the USA and Europe. Some are the 'ideas' stage but most are near-complete and give some idea of what the duo were trying to do at the time. The song 'Crystal Ashes' won an award in Germany at the Schwingungen Wahl as 'best title' of the year (1997-98) and so gives some idea of the continuing popularuty of the band, even after their split in 1988.
The album has been re-mastered by JD for this 'first' Wavestar release on MusicZeit and should give the band's fans much pleasure it is also considered to be a very 'important' album as it contains the 'last' music composed and recorded by the duo. It was originally released in 1997 due to demand for further material by fans, and even today (August 2009) John says he STILL gets requests to 'search the bottom drawer' for more Wavestar music...but unfortunately there is no more 'original' music now ( to the best of his knowledge!). Enjoy...and maybe it gives some idea of what the duo would have been capable ofhad the band survived the traumas of the period. xx